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You are now in an important phase of your university education and the preparation for your future is always up-to-date: you write your bachelor thesis, your dissertation must have the goals of the research, the motivation, the tested theories or hypotheses, the methods used, the results and present the advice derived from your findings, together with the conclusions drawn, clear, accurate, true to format and complete. Accordingly, you must also take into account all sources of information (both written and oral) that you use when writing your bachelor thesis. After all, your final thesis is your proof of knowledge of your subject. Therefore, the end product must be written in a way that is acceptable, consistent and understandable. This guide should answer your final thesis questions, they must help you write a bachelor thesis. We recommend that you read it completely before you start writing your thesis.

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Many students or learners generally lack the time and discipline to write a comprehensive research-based work. The majority of students tend to delay their assignments and appointments. Not the best solution, because as a result, the work starts to pile up on their desks.

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Outline of the bachelor thesis

Topics arise from the material you study and are based on where your focus is. When selecting a topic, you should first review the research that has already been done on the topic to find areas that have received little attention. After completing the research that has already been done on this topic, you should pick a topic and try to name your topic by delineating yourself and expressing what you have chosen as clearly as possible. You must necessarily include the following parts:

  • cover sheet
  • Contents Work with pages
  • text part
  • Introduction (with thematic outline)
  • Main section (divided into chapters)
  • Short Summary
  • Literature and illustration index
  • attachment
  • Insurance to have worked independently

So first write a good revision plan and stick with it. In the next step, you should present your topic idea to your fatherprofile to convince him or her to look after your project. Your project consultant will advise you on the topic you have chosen and tell you whether you need to expand or narrow down the topic. A dissertation written during an internship must be approved by a faculty advisor. A thesis can only be evaluated by examiners of the faculty. Examiners are professors or scientific assistants who have been approved by the university senate as examiners.

  • Formatting of the bachelor thesis
  • Font: Times New Roman (or Arial size 11)
  • Font size: 12 point
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Margins: top and bottom each 2.5 cm, left and right each 3 cm
  • Paragraph format: Justify (pay attention to separation)
  • Footnotes: Font size 10

Numbering: all pages numbered, except title page, table of contents of a paper, bibliography & appendix

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Writing a bachelor thesis is an important part of the bachelor program. However, many people find it difficult to proceed with the dissertation. So the most important step is to pick a topic or title that you want to research and contact your maintainer. As soon as your supervisor has approved your topic, start researching the topic. Then limit yourself to an interesting question. If you are used to getting the most out of your spent money, you can entrust your professional expert. Simply order and see for yourself!