Texts, even if they are written on a high scientific and intellectual level, should be understandable. They must follow a suitable structure and logic. The so-called “red thread” must be recognizable.

Common pitfalls are filler words, nesting sentences, colloquial speech, linguistic inaccuracies, incorrect use of foreign words, etc.

Our editing services include checking your texts for:

  • precise formulation,
  • structured and logical structure,
  • consistent and understandable writing style,
  • content consistency.

Express orders for a review of up to 30 pages of text can be executed at a surcharge of 50%, even during the weekend. We usually process your order within the shortest possible time frame, depending on the current order situation and available capacities. A text page is equivalent to 250 words.

To keep prices as fair and realistic as possible, send us your manuscript. We take insight and send you a corresponding offer. You are also welcome to send us a brief inquiry about your project or project, or contact us by phone, so that we can clarify the contents of the order and make you a free offer.’Please request free express processing capacity when placing an order.

Error-free is a must

The correction, i. The improvement of manuscripts basically means their examination in terms of spelling and grammar, writing style and typography. When proofreading one’s own texts one discovers usually only 40 – 60 per cent of the own mistakes. Therefore, it is always advisable to let an independent third party, who is versed in German or English orthography, have a final proofreading at the end.

Error-free texts improve the perceived quality of texts many times over.

If you make use of our proofreading services, we will guarantee you a following:

  • error-free spelling,
  • correct expression and grammar,
  • correct punctuation,
  • uniform spelling,
  • standard hyphenation,
  • consistent use of punctuation and special characters,
  • Hints for layout optimization.

The correction of short texts up to 15 pages usually takes place until the next day. Express orders for proofreading up to 80 pages of text can be carried out at a surcharge of 50% during the weekend. A text page is equivalent to 250 words.

Please send us a short request for your project or project, so that we can clarify the order content and make you a free offer. Please request free capacities for express processing when placing an order.